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Alpha Metallurgical Resources (NYSE: AMR) is a Tennessee-based mining company with operations across Virginia and West Virginia. With customers across the globe, high-quality reserves and significant port capacity, Alpha reliably supplies metallurgical products to the steel industry.

Alpha is committed to operating safely, efficiently, and responsibly, with customer service second-to-none and an ongoing focus on continuous improvement.

We strive to be a good steward of our financial resources by exercising financial discipline that enhances our capability and resilience across market cycles.

  • Generation, preservation, and management of cash is integral to Alpha’s success.
  • Our portfolio diversification also provides access to distinct sources of cash generation and value-creation in Central Appalachia (CAPP).
  • We are committed to maintaining a strong balance sheet and the liquidity to weather challenging market cycles.
  • We seek to allocate and deploy capital in a manner that maximizes returns on invested capital.
  • We believe that a lean SG&A structure is essential for sustained success in an ever-changing environment.
A leading provider of metallurgical coal with high-quality assets
Scalable organic growth platform and strategically positioned for value-add acquisition opportunities
Proven and experienced management team committed to safety and environmental stewardship


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